Paisley Tolbooth

Old Paisley Tolbooth (Demolished 1860 )The old Paisley Tolbooth is on the corner of High Street and Moss Street and was given to the Burgh in 1491 bAbbot George Shaw. In 1610 (Image Left) it was rebuilt due to its dilapidated condition. It served the purposes of the Municipal Building where the official Weights & Measures of the town were held in order to check on traders also acted as Burgh Courthouse and Town Jail.

Two further re-buildings took place in 1751 and 1882, it was during 1868, however the foundation work for a building being erected adjacent to the Tolbooth seriously undermined its stability and two years later it had to be demolished. 

City of Glasgow Bank built in the 1870s

(Image right) to make way for the City of Glasgow Bank built in the 1870s.

The bank has gone and is now occupied by shops.

Paisley Ghost Tours




(Image Above) This is where the seven people accused of witchcraft were tried and found guilty before being taken to the Gallow Green to be executed on the 10th June 1697


"Pain Inflicted, Suffering Endured, Injustice Done"

The bronze Tondo,

with a stainless steel horseshoe

embedded in it,includes the inscription

Pain Inflicted,Suffering EnduredInjustice Done“.

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