Paisley Ghost Tours 2017

Welcome to our Paisley Ghost Tour. …the tour is a walking tour around Paisley’s Old Town featuring the town’s most creepy locations with the scariest stories.

Tour Time: 6.30pm

Tickets: £7 Adults – £3 Children 

Date:    Sunday, 22nd October, 2017, Time: 6.30pm.

             Sunday, 29th October, 2017 Time: 6.30pm.

Estimated Attendance: 20 min – 25 max

By day Paisley is a bustling town– but at night the old buildings take on a more sinister air…Paisley’s 800 years history of murder, torture, hangings and plague has left a haunting legacy on Paisley’s Old Town and at night ghostly apparitions walk its streets. 

The most spectacular part of the tour is the famous (Christian Shaw trial of the seven witches) executions on the Gallow Green in 1697.

The tour is a walk through Paisley ending at the location of the execution of the seven Witches at the Gallow Green.

Join us for a journey back in time and you to will experience the dark secrets of Historical Paisley, Scotland’s Largest Town.

Paisley Ghost Tour Victims

Wee Mary Kirkwood

Paisley Ghost Tour Wee Guide

The Gallow Green is situated in the west end of Paisley.

The area is what is left of a vast area where the seven accused of witchcraft were executed (hanged and then burned). 

Their ashes were then buried at the crossroads of Maxwellton Street and George Street.

A tondo – a Renaissance term for a circular work of art – was placed on top of their ashes with the inscription