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Paisley Themed Events
£ 5 Per Person
  • August, 22nd Saturday, William Wallace and Wilson
  • August, 29th Saturday, Paisley Snail
  • All Events Leaving, from the Paisley Center, The InShops, Unit, 37
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“Gie's a slug ae yer ginger
Wee snail fa Paisley
rampint lion wallace
Sir William Wallace


Walking Tours on Wheels is a voluntary organisation,

Established in 1994 25 Years,

Historical Paisley, by Les Fernie and offers affordable, totally accessible guided tours of Scotland’s largest town, Paisley.

Welcome To Paisley

Les has suffered a number of health issues in recent years which have left him using a mobility scooter and Walking Tours on Wheels is his innovative way of allowing those with mobility issues, as well as able-bodied, to get out and about and sightseeing in Paisley. 2008 was when it changed to Walking Tours on Wheels. 

We visit  and explore many of Paisley’s historical places of interest – of which there are over 50 – all of which are accessible. 


Walking Tours on Wheels can also offer bespoke tours for businesses, corporate events, office socials, family and friends outings and community groups and tourists.

Additionally, Walking Tours on Wheels can come to you if you are unable to join us in person – we offer presentations and reminiscence to elderly forum groups, residential care homes and lunch clubs.

Please contact us if you are interested in arranging any sort of special event – we have lots of expertise and knowledge to deliver you a unique experience.


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Paisley Weavers Trail

Walking Tour offers the most interactive activity you can experience in Paisley and natural surroundings. Find out how the real town comes alive when you are guided by the right person Paisley Weavers Tour-Discover Paisley Textile -Heritage Walk

 Paisley Canal Disaster Walking Tour

Old Paisley Canal
Old Paisley Canal Walk Way
Castelhead Church
Old Chastelhead Church
A total of 85 people – many of them children aged between nine and 14 who were working in local mills – died in the Paisley Canal disaster of November 10, 1810.
The tragedy took place just one week after a horse-drawn barge service was launched between Paisley and Johnstone.
The Countess of Eglinton was thronged with holidaying mill workers who had been given a day off for the Martinmass Fair.
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Some of the companies that experienced our tours

"What I love about these tours is that the guides are not afraid to get off the beaten track and show us the real town. This is an I will definitely come back to"
Alene Elvine
HR Manager
“The guide was everything I hoped for, and more. Walking Tour really makes a difference, I would have never discovered the beautiful places we stopped for"
Jonas Gerber
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