Welcome to Historical Paisley – Paisley’s first and premier Tour Guide “Our passion is Paisley”

My name is Les Fernie and Historical Paisley is the first ever Tour Guide offering enjoyable, informative and entertaining guided tours of Paisley’s historic architecture and colourful history. Paisley’s dramatic 800-years of history give us loads of fabulous material to work with in a town which regularly wins accolades for its beauty and preservation.

Paisley Back To Back Collection 2

Paisley Back To Back Collection

Les Fernie, STGA Logo Yellow Badge May 20151

Les Fernie
STGA Logo Yellow Badge May 2015

Paisley Ghost Tours 2015

Paisley Ghost Hunt Photo of Cast

Welcome to the Ghost Tours of Historical Paisley.

My Name is The Witchfinder General and I will be your tour guide for The Paisley Ghost Tour.

The Paisley Ghost tour is a walking tour around Paisley’s Old Town featuring the town’s most haunted locations and the scariest stories.

By day Paisley is a bustling town– but at night the old buildings take on a more sinister air…

Paisley’s 800 years of history of murder, torture, hangings and plague has left a haunting legacy on Paisley’s Old Town and at night ghostly apparitions now walk its streets.

The most spectacular part of the tour with The Witchfinder General is the famous (Christian Shaw trial of the seven witches) that were executed on the Gallow Green in 1697.

The tour finishes with a candlelit walk through the location of the execution of the seven Witches of the Gallow Green.

Paisley Ghost Tours

October Sunday 11th, Sunday 18th, Sunday 25th,

Tour Time 18.30pm.

All Tours Start at the Walking Tours on Wheels Office;

Come visit us if you dare I’ll guarantee that you’ll be scared!!. Whaa!!

Tickets Adults: £7.00    Children: £3.00

Tickets can be booked online. or alternative at:-

The Walking Tours on Wheels Office, 39 High Street, Paisley, PA1 2AF

All tickets are non-transferable, non-refundable. …

All Children are welcome,

All children under 16 to be supervised by Adults,

Please wear appropriate clothing,

To match weather conditions,

Paisley Back To Back Scarfs

Paisley Back To Back

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Paisley’s Heritage Tours

Paisley's Famous Five Yellow Badge Guides May 2015


If you haven’t noticed, there’s a lot going on in Paisley.

Paisley’s Yellow Badge Tour Guides It might well become the next tourism hotspot in Scotland. Who better to bring Paisley’s rich heritage to life than qualified STGA tourist guides? Meet our new Yellow Badge colleagues in Paisley. After 7 months of hard work, of giving over nights and weekends to studying and practising, after braving the winter weather, all five fabulous trainees passed the STGA assessment at the end of March.

It was a true pleasure working with our committed new colleagues and with the team of STGA trainers and various experts.           Let us present our new colleagues

(from left to right)

(Alexander Wilson,           Aileen McGruther,            Les Fernie,       Catherine Hancy,       and Betty Graham,)

Paisley’s Heritage Tours

Paisley’s official
Yellow Badge Tour Guides, 2015

Welcome to Paisley’s rich history and architectural heritage. Paisley’s history is known for its textile and industry.Paisley weavers were world-renowned for their skill weaving the Paisley Shawls; Weaving was a highly skilled trade, which up until the early 19th century was carried out in the weaver’s home on a drawloom. There were many weavers in Paisley, skilled in muslin, lawn and silk weaving. The introduction of the Jacquard Loom in the 1830s moved weaving from the home to the factory, and allowed for the production of more elaborate patterns.

Paisley weavers wove shawls based on a Kashmiri pattern which became very fashionable, especially after the young Queen Victoria wore one. The shawls and the pattern became synonymous with Paisley and were known around the world as ‘Paisley Shawls’ and the ‘Paisley Pattern’. Eventually cheaper printed shawls affected the demand for woven shawls, and the last shawl was woven in Paisley in 1903.

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Galleries Photographs


Paisley Ghost Tours 2013 & 2014

DSC_0079DSC_0078DSC_0074DSC_0072DSC_0070DSC_0065DSC_0059DSC_0058DSC_0055DSC_0040DSC_0230ghost tourGhost Tours leflet copyGhosst tour By Ian McDonaldDSCF2208DSC_0180DSC_0100Ian McDonald







Paisley Easter Egg Hunt 2015Alice With The Easter Eggs DSCF4105 DSCF4107 DSCF4108 DSCF4109 DSCF4110 DSCF4112 DSCF4113 DSCF4114 DSCF4115 DSCF4116 DSCF4117 DSCF4118 DSCF4119 DSCF4120 DSCF4121 DSCF4122 DSCF4123 DSCF4124 DSCF4125 DSCF4126 DSCF4127 DSCF4128 DSCF4129 DSCF4130 DSCF4131 DSCF4132 DSCF4133 DSCF4134 DSCF4135 DSCF4136 DSCF4137 DSCF4138 Father John With Wee John & Wee Max Easter Egg Hunt 2015 Paisley Bunny With Wee Max




Paisley Easter Egg Hunt 2014

Golden Egg Winner, 2014 Matthew Duncan, With proud Mum & The Paisley Easter Bunny

Golden Egg Winner, 2014 Matthew Duncan, With proud Mum & The Paisley Easter Bunny

DSCF2327DSCF2328DSCF2329DSCF2330DSCF2331DSCF2332DSCF2333DSCF2334DSCF2335DSCF2336DSCF2337DSCF2338DSCF2339DSCF2340DSCF2341Easter Egg Head PhotoKids Having Easter FunPaisley Easter Egg Hunt Chocolate Haven jpegPaisley Easter Egg Hunt Chocolate HavenPaisley Easter Egg Hunt Ready, Steady Go!