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April 2021 Darkside Tours and Walking Tours on Wheels

Walking Tours of Paisley is dedicated to giving you a truly memorable experience in Paisley, with sights to enthral and memories to treasure along your walk with fully qualified Paisley guides. Our Tour Guides are looking forward to showing you around this wonderful town.

Paisley is steeped in history, dating back to Medieval times. It is a town crammed with visual delights whichever way you turn: from the architecture of the ancient buildings that make up the town to the Paisley Hamills dating back to when the romans came to Paisley, the White River Cart  which flows into the River Clyde with its parks and fields that surround it.

To visit Paisley and learn of its history is to delve deep into our heritage. The town has been home to many famous and influential characters including Alexander Wilson (Anthologist) , Robert Tannahill (Weaver, Poet & Song Writer),    The Coats’s brothers (Thread Mill owners) Rev John Witherspoon (Signature of independence) and Sir William Dunn (Gifted Dunn’s Square to the people of Paisley). Through your choice of walking tour you can see real-life settings used as film locations. Discover the stories of Paisley’s -Best-Kept-Secret’s and the origins and rituals of our medieval Paisley Abbey, Walking Tours of Paisley will give you a day to remember with tailor-made private guided tours to suit your specific interests and needs, Our most popular tours are The Weavers Tour, Town Architectural Tours and Leafy Oackshaw Tour. We also offer tours to suit school & Universities. All tours have been developed to simply get the most out of your stay in our beautiful town.

Depending on your tour, you will meet your fully qualified guide in a central location and from there meander through the very heart of Paisley; you will see the wonderful Architecture; Paisley Library,  Museum & Art Galleries home to the famous Paisley Pattern Shawl collection and The iconic Russell Institute an A-listed Art Deco building which was donated by Miss Agnes Russell to the women and children of Paisley in 1927, admire the ornate statues on the building’s exterior depicting some of the ailments treated inside, Our beautiful Paisley Abbey, birth place of the Stewart Dynasty, from the outside if you look you will find Grotesques Gargoyles that adorn the facades. See if you can spot the gargoyle modelled by a modern stonemason of an alien type monster from the film Alien.

In addition, We offer Darkside Tours where visitors can discover the stories of Paisley’s Gruesome tales from Paisley’s murky past in dark tales of murder, torture and mystery at almost every corner of the town. The Darkside Tours of Paisley are unlike no other !!!!!

(Please note that tour are not currently possible due to Covid-19)

(following Covid-19 pandemic, visiting inside will not be possible).

We’re Simply; the best tour experience in Paisley with fully qualified guides!

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