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Come with us as we look at a couple of interesting graves at Woodside.

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Darkside tours and Walking Tours on Wheels present a Wee tour of the darker side of the History of the west end. Come with us as we look at a couple of interesting graves at Woodside. Then on to witches, murder, executions, disasters and suicide.

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Paisleys’ history is long and in places very dark, from the Plague in the middle ages to the Cholera in the 1800’s, when the outbreaks of Cholera in the town resulted in riots and also body snatching.



The end of the French wars in 1816 brought economic hardship to the town. The weavers of the town were considered radicals in their fight for social justice and political reform.

This came to a head after the Peterloo massacre in Manchester. A peaceful meeting of several thousand people at Meikleriggs moor became a full-scale riot when the marchers returned to the town that evening.

Infantry and cavalry had to be deployed to the town after the reading of the riot act failed to clear the streets. This led to the building of a barracks in the East end of the town.


Paisley has a history of brutal murders and executions of men and women. These executions took place before the eyes of the public, such as the hanging of the Paisley Martyrs Algie and Parks at Paisley Cross. You can find the Martys Memorial at Woodside Cemetery.


The trial and brutal execution of men and women accused of witchcraft during the 1600’s to the hanging of not just the Bargarran witches but the supposed witches from Inverkip and Pollock were tried and executed at the Gallowgreen. The method of execution was horrifying, strangulation and then burning. Public executions of criminals also took place at the Gallowgreen.



Disaster and tragedy have also visited oor wee toon on several occasions. The canal disaster of 1810 saw the death of many locals looking forward to a day out as mentioned on a previous page.

And then the Glen Cinema (also mentioned on a previous page) was probably the most terrible event to befall the town. Hogmany 1929 saw the tragic deaths of 71 kids when smoke entered the auditorium and panic ensued. They all headed for the exit to the street and were crushed.


   1941 saw the bombing of the First Aid post at Woodside. A German bomber scored a direct hit on buildings and 92 people including Doctors, Nurses, Ministers, Ambulance crew and Rescue personnel were killed. The whole event was kept quiet so as not to effect morale.



We featured on the BBC Radio Scotland it was quoted “ Wigtown is good for its books but Paisley is up there for it’s Ghost Tours.

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