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Well done Leslie x

Well done Les Fernie

Well done Les

Hand Made Sale - A Christmas Light Switch On Special


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Caroline Swan

2 months ago

Hello, thanks for letting me join☺ . Are there any tours soon? Thanks.xx ... See MoreSee Less


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Thank you for joining and taking an interest in our group, there will be no Tours untill next April unless it is a group booking made in advance.

Ah, right, ok, thanks for that. Cheers.xx

Les Fernie shared Made for You in Paisley's photo to the group: Paisley Walking Tours on Wheels.
Les Fernie

2 months ago

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Thank you to everyone who paid a visit to our stall today. The lucky winner of our raffle was ticket number 352 and the name on the back was Grace. I will give Grace a phone to arrange for her to get her prize of the PAISLEY TEDDY BEAR. (Y)


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Grace was delighted to receive her teddy 🐻

Les calls it a day


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A sad day for Paisley x

Les and his team have brought Paisley's history to life with Walking Tours on Wheels; it's a shame that the tours are stopping but it's great news that Les will continue with his presentations to local groups.

I am sure it wasnt an easy choice Les. Thanks for sharing your knowledge of all things Paisley. x

A sad day

A loss to Paisley, but it's good to know you'll still be enhancing people's knowledge of our town. All the best!

Awwww Les we will miss ur wee trips , that must of been a hard for u , you & Sandra have done so much for paisley hope you r ok xx

Oh Les, never managed to go on a tour (always something happened). Wishing you and Sandra lots more good times. You are both looking well. Rosemary x

Sad loss for Paisley x

Your a true star les in everything you've done pal we wish you all the very best with your future adventure love always Jeanette ilyas and Heather and all our family xx

Early retirement I hope Les. Hope you are keeping well.

Thanks Lea xx

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